Crete Public Library Board member Jim Chroust, front, and three others sit at computer workstations that will open to the public on July 1. The workstations will be blocked off from the rest of the library to control access. Workstations will be regularly cleaned and sanitized after use.

On July 1, the Crete Public Library will open its doors to the public for computer access.

There are four computer workstations in the front entrance of the library for public use.

Regulations and instructions for using this space are set by the Library staff. These include:

-       Face covering is required and must be worn at all times. If you don't have a face covering, a mask will be provided.

-       First-time computer users must sign a waiver located at the workstations. These will be kept on file for future reference.

-       No access will be available to restrooms or the drinking fountain.

-       Patrons must sanitize their hands upon entry and before leaving the library. A sanitizing station is located inside the library doors.

-       Computer use will be limited to 45 minutes unless there are no appointments for the next time slot.

-       Computer use is for individuals 12-years-old and older. No children under the age of 11 are allowed inside the building.

-       Two people who reside in the same household may sit at the same workstation.

-       Patrons must bring their own headphones.

-       Printing services are available.

-       Additional instructions are located at each workstation.

-       Ring the bell for the librarian to open the front door.

These instructions and regulations will be posted on the front door for reference.

Computer usage will be by appointment only. To make an appointment, call (402) 826-3809.

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