With students coming back to campus in a little over a month, Doane University has decided to use a mix of course types to keep students safe and healthy.

Six course types will be used at Doane – on ground, online, distance learning, hybrid, flipped, hyflex and split classroom.

-       On ground classes will be taught in a live, face-to-face classroom on campus. On ground classes will enforce the use of masks and physical distancing.

-       Online classes will have 100% of instruction, activities and content delivered online on Canvas, Doane’s Learning Management System.

-       Distance learning classes will have live, required, regularly scheduled web conference sessions that replace the in-person required, regularly scheduled classroom sessions.

-       Hybrid classes will incorporate both online and live, face-to-face classroom instruction. Scheduled class meetings will be conducted in the live classroom or through live web conference sessions. All other content and activities can be completed online on the LMS.

-       Flipped classes will have live, face-to-face classroom time used for application of skills, discussion, practice or other activities that would benefit from faculty moderation. Lecture and content will be delivered through LMS for students to view and use outside of scheduled class time.

-       Hyflex classes will allow students to choose between an in-person or online session. Live classroom sessions will be broadcast and recorded. Students will choose to participate in direct, face-to-face sessions, live broadcast or engaged online instruction methods. Students will be required to engage in the course via LMS regardless of the mode they chose.

-       Split classrooms will decrease class sizes in order to increase physical distance in the classroom. Students will be required to attend specific live classroom sessions in their assigned group each week.

Doane is requiring the use of masks on campus in classroom spaces and places where social distancing is not possible. It is also scheduling to have classroom space at 50% capacity this fall.

“Please know that faculty are working hard to ensure their courses will maintain the same quality learning experience that our students expect,” Provost Paul Savory said in his announcement. “The deans and their faculty are confident they will be able to support students despite any challenges that might occur this fall.”

Doane will post updates and more information about fall planning on its Return to Campus-Fall 2020 website page. This page can be found at

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