Baseball and softball fields in Crete re-opened on June 1 for practices and Thursday, June 18, for games.

The Crete City Council approved a resolution on May 26 to allow practice and games. All participants must sign waivers that will be approved by the city attorney.

The Field Use and Management Agreement waiver states that the participant will adhere to the guidelines put in place by the city.

Away teams will also have to provide Kyle Manley, the Crete city attorney, with waivers and a full roster before games. Since different towns may have different rules with their fields, waivers may differ. Manley will determine if the waiver meets city standards.

Coaches will coordinate how to gather waivers.

The waivers are good for six months.

Signs will be put out at the field including guidelines from June 1-17 for practice. On June 18, another guideline sign will be posted. Those signs will be the responsibilities of teams using the fields. A COVID-19 Advisory sign was placed by the fields on June 1. The city is in charge of this sign.

Coaches and teams using the fields will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing bleachers, benches, restrooms and other surfaces while players and fans are present, the agreement said. They are also responsible for ensuring use of bleachers and spectator attendance are in accordance with guidelines set.

Manley said the resolution and agreement are flexible. These will not have to change as guidelines loosen.

The council discussed the opening of concession stands, but made no decision.

At its June 2 regular meeting, the council was scheduled to discuss other non-contact sports guidelines.

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