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Turning Point Behavioral Health & Addiction Counseling welcomes Leslie Toovey,
PLADC, as a drug and alcohol counselor. Leslie holds a degree in psychology
and business administration and is registered in Nebraska to provide outpatient
alcohol and drug abuse and addiction therapy services and evaluations, including
individual, family, couple or group addiction therapy, as well as client education
and community presentations.
Leslie joins Tamara Kenning, MA, LIMHP, LPC, LADC, owner of Turning Point,
serving Seward and York for the past five years as a licensed independent mental
health practitioner. Turning Point is now credentialed with Medicaid for intensive
outpatient drug and alcohol programming.
Turning Point offers the following services:
Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Evaluations,
Drug and Alcohol Education Classes, Children and Adolescent Therapy, Co-Occurring
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Evaluations, Pre-Treatment Assessments, Drug
and Alcohol Counseling, Intensive Outpatient
ent 88-Week
Week Programming/Counseling,
Individual Outpatient/After Care Counseling,
ng, EAP (Employee
Assistance), Crisis Interventions and Debriefi
efing, Adoption
Competency, EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement
nt Desensitization &
Reprocessing), Christian Based Counseling,
g, and Parent Child
Interactive Therapy (PCIT).
Call (402) 643-4954 to schedule
an appointment today.


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